Kakatua Hostel


About Us


About Us

Kakatua Hostel founders emerging this brand with a vision to bring Indonesian tourism treasures to the world, starts with offering high quality affordable leisure in the eastern part of Indonesia, Raja Ampat.

Kakatua Hostel is everything you need for unforgettable travel experiences at Raja Ampat: the best hostel, the lowest rates guaranteed & dependable team who will assist while you are staying with us. Our location are close to the city ports while have a great access to hidden paradise at Raja Ampat.


Our Logo Story

The glyph of Kakatua (bird) head also can be an ambiguous silhoutte of sleeping man face, it is our vision to give our customer the best place to get a rest while having the most adventurous day of their life.

See you soon at Raja Ampat, Cheers!
- Kakatua Hostel